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Who is Dina Rolle?

Dina Rolle is the founder of

She is an entrepreneur, author of Adversities & Triumphs in the Midst of it All, writer/career blogger who provides professional job resources worldwide.

She graduated from college with a communications degree in Journalism/Public Relations and always had a strong passion for research and helping others worldwide.

In 2016, she was laid off from her job due to the economic downturn. However, despite the adverse circumstances, that didn’t stop her passion from helping others near and far. If anything, she was empowered by it!!! Her tenacious ability far exceeds societies status quo. She refuses to let her surroundings and the world system determine her self-worth.

So, she began this new conquest on how she could further assist individuals and families worldwide.

Online Global Work was established after praying to God for a greater insight and performing intensive research.

Check out her blog page to find out how you can earn extra money from home or work with legitimate companies from around the globe.

Where to find Dina Rolle?

You can find Dina Rolle/Online Global Work via Facebook and Twitter.  (Facebook) (Twitter)

Until then, here are a few legitimate worldwide work resources to get you started.

Thank you for visiting!

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