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Online English Teacher

We are looking for a Teacher to join our qualified team of educators to teach English to adults and children in Asia. Your work should help students cultivate interest in English and support them in the entire process of learning and development. Your duties will include providing knowledge and instructions to students while also helping them develop their interest and skills.

You should be passionate for this job and able to reach out to students, creating a relationship of mutual trust. We expect you to know well how to manage class time and make learning an easy and meaningful process.

All lesson plans and teaching materials will be provided. We will match you to students who match your expertise and teaching style. We leave being a great educator to you!

Teacher responsibilities are:

  • Conduct lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio means to facilitate learning
  • Assist each student individually by promoting interactive learning
  • Write notes on our virtual whiteboard to allow better lesson comprehension for students
  • Monitor and record students’ progress and provide feedback
  • Manage class time well in classes with multiple students

Teaching requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • TESOL/TEFL/TESL certificate (or equivalent) OR at least one year recognized teaching experience
  • Commitment of 5 peak hours per week
  • Access to a computer with a reliable internet connection


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