Imagine this.

You’re relaxing on a tropical island where the sand is glistering pink, and the water is crystal clear blue.

As you start taking one step forward and another step forward, you can feel the warmth of the sand on your feet.

When you look down, you see the water gliding back and forth so gently over your steps.

Yes, you’re in the moment!

Embrace it!

You begin to inhale the freshness of the sea breeze that’s in the air. As you exhale many gifts and talents of greatness that’s hidden within are released.

You wonder…

What it will be like if you can get paid writing or showcasing your great work for popular magazines around the world.

Are you a writer, photographer, filmmaker, animator or illustrator? Do you need another stream of income?

You dreamed of it!

Now admit it!!!

Good News: It’s possible!!!

That’s right…you heard me!

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to find the right magazines and publications that will reward you and pay you for your tremendous efforts. It’s not impossible!

OK, are you ready?

Let’s dive in…

Here are 20 amazing magazines that will pay you to write articles and to share your personal experiences.

1. Culture Trip is a global technology and media company that inspires people to explore the world’s culture. They believe that exploring cultural differences leads to a more well-informed, open-minded and inspired world.

Speaking of which…

  • Culture Trip is open to newcomers worldwide
  • Payment not disclosed

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2. Little India is the world’s largest circulated Indian American publication. The magazine, therefore publishes travel and lifestyle features as well as commentaries, essays and columns for overseas Indians, current and returned NRIs and expats in India.

And I have news for you:

Little India is presently seeking a full time, part time and freelance writers to write articles and features on overseas Indians worldwide and stories of interest to their community.

  • Location-Bangalore but telecommuting from anywhere in the world is OK.
  • Salary-competitive, based with experience

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3. Wanderlust is an award-winning UK magazine for travel enthusiasts. Furthermore, the leading magazine provides the latest news, features reviews, comments, and jobs for adventurous travelers.

And here’s the Thing:

  • Wanderlust is open to the UK
  • Rates (as of 01/06/10) are £ 220 per 1,000 published words for most magazine features.
  • According to the rates agreed upon commissioning. Earnings for other categories (including pocket guides, dispatches, and interviews) are determined per-article rates.

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4. Chatelaine is the leading women’s magazine in Canada covering a wide range of topics from politics, style and home décor to food, health, and relationships. Rogers Media Inc., a division of Rogers Communications, also publishes Chatelaine.

Want to know more?

  • Chatelaine is open to Canada (website did not indicate other nations.)
  • Payment not disclosed
  • If they decide to commission your article, one of their editors will contact you and send you a contract specifying the direction of the article, your deadline, fee and what rights they are buying.

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5. Caribbean Beat is a bi-monthly, Caribbean magazine, published by Caribbean people in the West Indies. Furthermore, the leading Caribbean magazine mandate was to get behind the misconceptions about Caribbean people and island life.

It is a mandate they have remained true to for over a quarter of a century, making Caribbean Beat then the only magazine of its kind.

But that’s not all.

The magazine covers a variety of Caribbean history, music, art, dance, books, sports, fashion, designs, festivals, environments, its people and lifestyles.

  • Caribbean Beat accepts materials for review, as well as proposals and contributor from writers, photographers, and illustrators
  • Caribbean Beat prefers to work with writers based in the Caribbean and the diaspora, although all submissions that meet their guidelines will be considered and kept on file.
  • Payment not disclosed

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6. The Puritan Magazine is one of Canada’s leading global literary magazines. Established in Toronto, the leading magazine publishes high-quality new writings, both from Canada and abroad.

Likewise, The Puritan seeks to publish the best in new fiction, essays, poetry, interviews, reviews and many more.

The Puritans magazine is open worldwide.

Current publication rates stand as:

  • $100 per essay
  • $100 per interview
  • $100 per review
  • $75 per work of fiction
  • $20 per poem (or page, capped at $80 for poems running four pages or more).
  • Pay via PayPal, Cheque in the mail or Cash Against Documents (CAD)

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But take a look at this…

7. International Living is a monthly magazine that hires freelancers to tell their story about the best places in the world to travel, live, retire, and invest. Founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner, International Living now has offices and writers located worldwide.

  • International Living is open worldwide
  • For every 900-word article published in their magazine, International Living pays $225.
  • International Living pays $350 for 1,600 words.
  • If the magazine chooses one of your images to use, you will be paid $50 for the one-time use and retain all rights.

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8. Travel Africa is the world’s only periodical publication committed to travel to Africa. Published by Gecko Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom, the magazine also produces Zing Caribbean.

Furthermore, the extraordinary magazine also aims to inspire and inform African travelers or regular safari-goers about one of the world’s most intriguing continents.

Amazing, right?

The magazine unveils Africa’s diverse beauty, distinctive qualities, spectacular wildlife, and rich culture.

  • Travel Africa is open to freelance contributors and readers.
  • Where possible, reproduction fees for syndicated text and images, including stock photos, shall be agreed before publication.
  • You will receive an online version of the magazine containing your work and a letter requesting the invoice for an agreed fee.

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9. Go World Travel is a digital travel publication for frequent travelers worldwide. The prominent magazine covers travel in over 90 countries around the world.

Likewise, the publication offers inspiring travel articles, travel videos, and helpful tips.

By the way…

  • Go World Travel accepts freelancers worldwide.
  • Word length up to 1,600 words per article.
  • Payment $30-$40 per story/photo essay upon publication.

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As if that’s not enough…

10. Italian American Magazine is the official quarterly publication of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA), the nation’s largest and oldest business founded in 1905 for men and women of Italian heritage in the United States.

Furthermore, it offers articles and features on Italian and Italian American current events, history, travel, culture, latest news, social issues and many more.

Italian American pay for freelance feature stories, one-page articles, and fiction.

  • Feature Stories 900-1,500 words (Pay $350)
  • One Page Articles 400-650 words (Pay $100)
  • Fiction Stories 450-550 words (Pay $50)

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Stay with me now…

11. Ceramics Monthly is the largest ceramics magazine in the world. The remarkable magazine serves everyone from educators to students and professional artist to enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the nonprofit organization-American Ceramic Society publishes Ceramics Monthly. The service organization has a history of over 110 years.

Now, this is important…

According to Ceramics Monthly, authors of payable content will receive payment upon publication.

  • Technical articles, Tropical articles, Profiles and Exhibition Reviews are paid at $0.10 per printed word.
  • Glaze articles and Techno File are paid a flat rate of $250
  • Tips/Tools is paid with one-year subscription (or subscription extension).
  • Exhibition coverage which includes (press releases, curator/juror statement) is unpaid.
  • Images are unpaid, other than where a contract exists between Ceramics Monthly and the copyright holder especially for the purchase of exclusive ownership.

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And I’m not stopping there…

12. Chicken Soup for the Soul is the world’s most favorite and recognized storyteller. Their mission is about changing the world one story at a time. Therefore, in 2008, Bill Rouhana, Amy Newmark, and Robert Jacobs bought Chicken Soup for the Soul from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, the founders of the famous book series-Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Let me elaborate…

The leading publication focuses on people who make a difference in their communities, homes, schools, and workplaces and therefore connect millions of people around the world.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul is open worldwide.
  • Payment $200 (one month after publication).
  • You’ll receive ten free copies of the book in which your story or poem appears.
  • Receive exclusive contributors communiqué-buying books at discounts.

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Don’t stop reading now…

13. ADDitude Magazine is the nations leading magazine for children and adults living with attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and learning disorders. Each publication also contains timely information about treatment options, proven tips for living well with ADD at home, school, work, and practical advice.

Let me walk you through…

ADDitude Magazine is always looking for experienced writers, skilled webinar hosts and compelling stories about ADHD, learning disabilities and other similar conditions.

Most of the ADDitude articles written are by professionals and journalists in the field of mental health.

However, they are delighted to receive individual articles from parents, teachers, employers, etc. with direct experience with ADHD or LD and a deep understanding that can be helpful to ADDitude’s readers.

Is that something you’d like to write about?

  • Articles are usually 2,000 words or less.
  • Payment varies according to article length, the experience, and expertise of the author, and other elements.
  • If ADDitude Magazine is interested in your idea, they will reach out to you in six to eight weeks with complete details about the assignment (deadline, payment, etc.)

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I know that’s a lot to take in, but bear with me…

14. Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR) is a national quarterly literary magazine founded in 1925 by James Southall Wilson, at the request of the President of the University of Virginia, E.A. Alderman.

Furthermore, this “National Journal of Literature and Discussion” consists of fiction, poetry, essays, comics, photography and book reviews.

Virginia Quarterly Review is the home of some of the most talented essayist, poets, fiction writers and rising contributors from the United States and overseas.

The best part?

  • VQR is open worldwide
  • $200 per for poem, up to 4 poems
  • $1000 up to 5 or more poems
  • $1000 and above for short fiction
  • $1000 and above for personal essays and literary criticism (approximately 25 cents per word, depending on length).
  • $500 for book reviews (generally 2,000-2,400 words).

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Here’s another one:

15. Earth Island Journal is a quarterly nonprofit magazine that includes investigative articles and examines environmental grassroots movements on how everyday people are helping the planet worldwide.

Furthermore, the nonprofit environmental magazine is always looking for thought-provoking and extraordinary stories to make subtle but heartfelt connections between the ecological communities and contemporary issues.

So, how does this help you?

  • Earth Island Journal is open worldwide
  • $750-$1000 for an in-depth feature story (about 4,000 words).
  • $50 to $100 for online reports

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So, what’s next?

16. How Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for graphic designers. The award-winning magazine produces six issues per year and organizes six innovative events. These events are interactive media, logo design, graphic design, in-house design, marketing, and promotion.

The leading magazine also offers relevant up to date technology tips, useful business information, education, inspiration, design dialog and profiles of leading professionals who influence creative design.

Payments not disclosed.

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Whoa. Your almost there…

17. Animal Wellness Magazine is North America’s #1 natural health and wellness magazine for cats and dogs. This highly acclaimed and informative bi-monthly publication focuses on Four Pillars of Animal Wellness-Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training, and Active Lifestyle.

The leading magazine provides consumers with the highest-quality information about the finest healthy foods, products, veterinary advice, healthy recipes, and book reviews.

And here’s the thing:

  • Animal Wellness Magazine welcomes unsolicited articles and story outlines.
  • Articles range in length from 500 to 1,500 words.
  • Animal Wellness Magazine pays for unlimited rights only.

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Keep reading…

18. Sport Fishing is the leading outdoor magazine on saltwater fishing in North America and beyond. The informative and inspiring editorial provides its readers with in-depth coverage of saltwater-fishing and destination.

Additionally, the publication also includes the latest in fishing gear, buying and using fishing tackles, boats and so much more.

And here’s the good news:

  • Sport Fishing Magazine like to work with writers they can count on.
  • If the publication is interested in your written queries, the managing editor Stephanie Pancratz will contact you upon assignment acceptance.
  • $750 for print features
  • Contributors can earn up to $1,500 if they have great photos for their manuscripts.
  • $200 for digital features up to 1,000 words
  • $300 for more than 1,000 words

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Phew. Almost there.

19. Sailing Magazine is the nations leading publication founded in 1966 by an avid Great Lakes sailor. The national magazine has a reputation as the big beautiful one.

Likewise, it is the oldest published sailing magazine in the United States. The publication provides a wealth of information for beginners, and skilled sailors fascinated and thirsty for knowledge on all aspects of sailing.

But listen…

  • Sailing Magazine pays for first-time North American rights.
  • After publication, payment is received (based on the size and in what format an article runs, varying $50 to $500 for stories and $50 to $500 for photos).

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There’s just one more thing I want to cover.

20. Chronicle of the Horse is an American sports magazine. In 1937, Stacy Barcroft Lloyd Jr and Gerald Webb founded the leading publication. The editorial content also provides detailed information on regional and international sport horse competitions.

The weekly editorial covers hunters, jumper horse shows, dressage, foxhunting, eventing, steeplechase racing, and other horse thought-provoking commentary.

And here’s the good news:

  • Chronicle of the Horse pays for first North American publishing rights.
  • $165-$220 for News Stories (Approximately 1,500 words).
  • $150-$400 for Feature Articles (Approximately 1,500 to 2,500 words).
  • $30-$50 for each published photos.

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There’s no need to delay your dreams.

For these publications, a bachelor’s degree or doctoral degree is not necessary.

Right now, you have enough expertise to share your skills and talents to the world. People are waiting for you to help them on their journey.

So, don’t keep your readers waiting any longer.

Choose one from the list mentioned above in the article (or incorporate some) to get your career going.

I’m here to provide the right resources for you. So, let me know how I can further assist you.

I would love to read your comments. What other magazines are your favorites?

If you enjoyed this list, share it with friends and family.


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